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Why Is Pawan Kalyan Silent On Budget?

Why Is Pawan Kalyan Silent On Budget?

At a time when the political leaders and people of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are fuming at the Centre for doing gross injustice to both the Telugu states in the Union budget introduced on Thursday, one man who is expecting to change the politics of the states has not uttered a single word so far.

He is none other than hero-turned-political leader and Jana Sena Party founder-president Pawan Kalyan.

The man, who has recently announced that he has given up films and is going to be in full-time politics, has surprisingly remained silent when the Modi government has shown step-motherly attitude towards Andhra Pradesh by making paltry allocations in the budget.

In fact, for the last 24 hours, the political atmosphere in the state has heated up with the ruling Telugu Desam Party MPs and ministers going to the extent of threatening to pull out of the NDA government, while the opposition YSR Congress party has also offered to make its MPs resign from Parliament.

Yet, Pawan Kalyan, who wants to be a responsible politician and claims to be fighting for the people of the state, has not opened his mouth so far. Naturally, he has come under attack from the netizens, who are finding fault with his silence.

“How can he expect to become a serious politician, when he cannot respond in time on such a crucial issue?” a netizen asked.

Is Pawan Kalyan listening?



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