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Why Is Chandrababu Naidu Angry?

The unfortunate accident in West Godavari district in which a private bus lost control and collided into two motorcycles and a car resulting in the deaths of three people, has come to the attention of Chandrababu Naidu.

The bus belonged to the Narayana group of institutions owned by Municipal Minister, Narayana and at the time of accident was ferrying supporters of Jagan back from his two day Rythu Deeksha in Tanuku.

A school bus should not be used for any other purpose other than to transport the children.

Naidu at a review meeting lashed out at Narayana on why the bus was leased out to YSRCP against the rules.

Narayana who was shocked by Naidu’s outburst said it was the fault of the bus operator and action would be taken against him.

What’s unclear here is whether Naidu was angry at the rules being violated or the bus being leased out to the YSRCP!



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