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Why Has Roja Become Silent These Days?

Why Has Roja Become Silent These Days?

It has been a long time since one has heard about YSR Congress party MLA R K Roja either in the government or in the party activities.

Once a firebrand leader of the party, the Nagari MLA has virtually gone silent after she was appointed as the chairperson of Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (APIIC).

There is no news from her or even from her corporation, except for an occasional appearance in the public forums.

In fact, Roja is more visible on television screens as the judge in the popular realty show Jabardast, rather than in political meetings.

The last time we heard Roja making aggressive talk was in the budget session of the state assembly when she took the TDP legislators to task.

Other than that, she has not been seen or heard much in the last few months.

On Monday, Roja was seen at “Save Nature” function in Chittoor where she campaigned against plastic use.

She also distributed bicycles for the students and appealed to them to make the state plastic free.

It is learnt YSRC president Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy has asked Roja not to create any controversies by making statements but restrict herself to her work.

He told her to concentrate on her constituency apart from doing her job in the APIIC.

May she will use the forthcoming winter session of the state assembly again to raise her voice and attack the TDP!

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