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Who Will Have The Last Laugh?

Who Will Have The Last Laugh?

If the YSRCP were to move a no-confidence motion against the TDP in the Assembly, will the Speaker Kodela Siva Prasad Rao honour it and allow the proceedings?

No way because he behaves more like a TDP MLA, out to protect the interests of his Party than as an impartial Speaker out to do justice to the august House of Assembly. And it’s the same situation everywhere more or less across the nation including in Parliament.

Therefore, the statement of the TDP MPs to the media today is really amusing.

“After having not approved our motion the last time, the Speaker has approved our no-confidence motion. She is finally convinced about our resoluteness,” said the TDP MPs.

The Speaker has approved their resolution because she has apparently got sanction from the Central government.

Anyway, Narendra Modi’s govt is going to win the no-confidence motion with consummate ease. But Naidu intends to utilize the occasion to shame the BJP at the national level. Fine!

But the very fact that the Speaker approved of the no-confidence motion should set the alarm bells ringing for the TDP! Why is the government not scared of its reputation being tarnished by the TDP? What is the ace in their sleeve?

Will Galla Jayadev’s mastery of the English language prevail once again and really achieve something concrete for the State or merely become an audio tape for students preparing for IELTS? Or is he in for a strong saffron reply which will leave his leader’s image damaged beyond redemption?