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Who Foots Chandrababu's Special Flight Bills?

Polavaram is like a film that takes eternity to complete. Chandrababu is busy releasing songs, audio and trailers after trailers, but no one knows when it gets completed.

Crores are being poured into this bottomless pit and huge amounts have been washed away in the name of canal digging. But, Polavaram is back to sqare one.

After two-and-a-half years of its rule, the Modi Government has released up to Rs 2500 crore of NABARD loan for Polavaram. Both Chandrababu and Venkaiah Naidu flew in a specially chartered plane to reach Delhi to be in time for the fund release.

But, the question is who footed the bill for their special plane? Was it borne by the Telugu Desam Party or the contractor working on the Polavaram project? Or will it be deemed part of the Polavaram project construction expenditure?

Who, in fact, is funding Chandrababu’s repeated special plane travels? Will someone explain?



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