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Who Brought Poland Students To Pawan?

Who Brought Poland Students To Pawan?

When Jana Sena Party office released press note and pictures of party president and power star Pawan Kalyan’s interaction with 20 political science students from Poland on Sunday, it was a surprise to many.

While Pawan attended a Christian Mass at St Mary’s Church along with Poland Ambassador to India Adam Burakowsky, the latter led a team of Poland students to Jana Sena Party office at Jubilee Hills to interact with him on Indian politics, culture and pluralism.

Pawan discussed with them about the need of exchange of cultures between Poland and India and said such meetings would help maintain good relations between the countries.

It was surprising to many because Pawan is not even a serious politician as of now, forget about being the president of a recognised political party.

So, when an ambassador of a country meeting a non-serious leader of an unrecognised political party, it raises an eyebrow.

Reliable sources say the meeting was arranged by Raju Ravi Teja, a close confidant of Pawan Kalyan who played a major role initially in launching the Jana Sena Party.

Raju, who co-authored Pawan’s book Ism, was in the limelight in the initial days, but suddenly fall apart from the power star after 2014 elections. It is learnt he went abroad on his personal works and even worked in Poland.

Of late, Raju is back in the Jana Sena Party and was found attending the internal meetings held by Pawan to discuss the party strategies. He is said to be once again playing the crucial role in the party.

As part of his latest strategy, Raju, who is said to be a consultant to some international companies and missionaries, is understood to have brought Poland team to Pawan Kalyan, just to prop up the latter’s image in public.

Since Pawan has just started taking steps towards his political journey, he believes that such meetings would help build his image.

May be, Raju might also be helping mobilisation of funds to the party from funding agencies in Poland!



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