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Who Are They To Dictate To Indian Government

Who Are They To Dictate To Indian Government

Every Tom, Dick and Harry now thinks it fit to counsel India on how the country or government should be run. And we have our media and intellectuals to blame for it, with their stupid protests and award returns etc. In short, they have successfully managed to create an illusion of intolerance rampant in the country.

Global firm Moody’s has now issued a statement saying that Prime Minister Modi must keep his party members in check from making controversial statements or risk losing domestic and global credibility.

“In recent times, the government also hasn't helped itself, with controversial comments from various BJP members. While Modi has largely distanced himself from the nationalist jibes, the belligerent provocation of various Indian minorities has raised ethnic tensions,” Moody's Analytics said.

“Along with a possible increase in violence, the government will face stiffer opposition in the upper house as debate turns away from economic policy,” MA said.

The NDA's lack of a majority in the RS has proved a major stumbling block to reforms.

Who the hell is Moody’s? They are a global credit rating and research firm. How can they dare to interfere or give advice to the Prime Minister of India on issues such as the one they have spoken of? They are clearly exceeding their brief and should be put in their place.

Does Moody’s have the guts to counsel the Chinese President on the flagrant violation of human rights in Tibet?

Does China’s occupation and decimation of the indigenous Tibetan population and culture give it a good name globally? Why doesn’t Moody’s advise China or Saudi Arabia for that matter?

Why don’t Moody’s stick to what it knows best: promotion of hard-core materialism and capitalism?



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