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When Bad News Is Good News

Television superstars who had earlier ruled prime time are now in a fix. Recently, there was a catfight of sorts between ex-colleagues Rajdeep Sardesai and Arnab Goswami.

It all began with Goswami publicly talking about Rajdeep Sardesai's alleged involvement in a communal episode following the Godhra episode in Gujarat. This was followed by Rajdeep Sardesai hitting back at Goswami during which time Goswami kept quiet.

And now, it is the turn of Barkha Dutt to tell why she had to quit her former employer NDTV.

In a post, she writes about the 'fake liberal' stories on the channel and how stories with an ongoing navy chief, Robert Vadra and a 'bread and butter' interview with ex finance minister P Chidambaram were taken off air. In the same post, Dutt also speaks about the hostile newsroom once she showed her resentment.

She writes she was punished for taking a stand on censorship over stories on both BJP and Congress. Secondly, she states that she was taken off prime news slot as the channel did not want anyone to question its arbitrary decisions.

She further states that at the time, NDTV was trying to make peace with the BJP. She also pointed out that while senior personnel of the channel approached ministers for help, even as they were fighting BJP in the Press Club... it was a fake exercise.

Dutt further went on to add that she was well aware of censorship in newsrooms while claiming to be self-righteous and morally superior.

Looks like the knives are out.



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