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What Have You Done These Three Years?

Revanth Reddy is now part of the Congress Party which means he will have the strength of the 'Grand Old Party' behind him, in taking on KCR.

Unlike in Andhra Pradesh where the Congress has been decimated, in Telangana there is no such anti-Congress feeling. The only drawback has been the lack of a charismatic leader who can attract the masses.

Having said that, the Congress is notorious for its ‘infighting culture’, with every second MLA harboring hopes of becoming the CM. Naturally, the entry of Revanth Reddy will cause insecurity to those in the Party.

Recently, a group of T-Congressmen met Rahul Gandhi and advised him against admitting Revanth into the Party. To this, Rahul Gandhi is believed to have pulled them up and also questioned them on what they had done during the last three years. 

“Our objective is to form the government in Telangana. Despite having given Telangana, there is no goodwill for us and the situation remains the same even after three years.

Revanth has consistently been taking on KCR. What have you done for the Party in these three years that would make up for not admitting Revanth into the party?” thundered Rahul Gandhi.



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