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What Did Venkaiah Preach Lokesh?


But his heart is in Andhra Pradesh and his only worry seems to be that he would not be able to come to the rescue of his close friend and Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu during the crisis period.

So, when Naidu’s son and Andhra Pradesh IT minister Nara Lokesh met Venkaiah in New Delhi a couple of days ago, Venkaiah is said to have shared his thoughts with him. He reportedly suggested some dos and don’ts in politics.

“Now that I am the Vice President of India, I may not be able to talk to your father or you frequently and freely. But my blessings are always there with you and I will do my best to see that the TDP would get the best from the Centre,” he is learnt to have told Lokesh.

The Vice President made enquiries with Lokesh about the possible outcome of Nandyal by-elections and the plans of YSR Congress party which has now got the backing of political strategist Prashant Kishor.

Venkaiah told Lokesh that the best way to bridge the gap between the government and the party is to make frequent tours of villages and maintain good relations with the people.

“Since you are Panchayat Raj minister, go on tours to rural areas as frequently as possible, attend to the personal needs of the people and closely monitor rural development schemes. You should create an impression that the government is focussed on villages,” Venkaiah told him.

Well, Venkaiah should first ensure that the BJP will continue its alliance with the TDP. Otherwise, Naidu will be shattered!



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