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Venkayya's cheap politics

Venkayya's cheap politics

When Rahul Gandhi and the congress termed the Modi sarkar as a suit-boot regime, they were not making fun of Modi. 

They were only referring to Modi’s alleged capitulation to the capitalists at the expense of the farming community. 

When a group of BC leaders met Venkayya Naidu with a list of demands, Venkayya cleverly played the caste card there. “Should a BC not wear a suit? Is it only Congress leaders who are eligible to wear suits? What attire was the father of Rahul Gandhi who is making these statements, seen in?” 

questioned Venkayya Naidu. “It is very cheap on the part of Congress to resort to such politics,” added Venkayya. No, it is you Mr. Venkayya Naidu that is indulging in cheap politics by linking the episode to caste.

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