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Undeterred, They Make Fresh Promises

Undeterred, They Make Fresh Promises

"It is our aim to create 1 lakh jobs in Andhra Pradesh by 2019," said Nara Lokesh, son of Chandrababu Naidu in Amaravati yesterday.

Despite having a foreign education, this economic genius does not seem to understand the implications of what he is saying.

In 2014, the TDP slogan was, “Job ravalante Babu Ravali’ (Vote for Chandrababu if you need jobs). The Party also promised an allowance for unemployed youth.

Naturally, the youth of the State who were worried about their future after bifurcation, believed him and supported the TDP. But the TDP has not bothered to honour its promises.

Chandrababu had absolutely no problem in giving generous allowances to government employees and Ashok Babu and his chamchas who selfishly asked for raises at a time when the State was having a deficit budget. But there was absolutely no sympathy for our youth.

Pray, in which sector does Lokesh expect to create one lakh jobs and that too by the end of 2019? IT? Industry body NASSCOM is expecting the IT industry to add one lakh new jobs in the current fiscal.

When the entire IT industry is looking to add one lakh jobs, will all of them be in Andhra Pradesh?

The need of the hour is for attracting investments in the manufacturing sector. That only can create opportunities for Andhra Pradesh. Even then, one should be practical or realistic in making announcements. 

Instead of letting down youth by not honoring the promises made to them, the son of Chandrababu is brazenly making fanciful claims. Not a good sign for the people of the State!



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