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Top Tollywood trio working for private video!

Top Tollywood trio working for private video!

Praveen Pudi is one the top and highly rated film editor in Tollywood and Chandra Bose is among the top lyricists in the industry. So talented is music director Mickey J Mayor, who has his own style in composing music.

This top trio is working hard just for a private video. It does not mean the video is open for public in the YouTube or any other web channel or electronic media. It is purely a family video and is available for select members of the family, friends and relatives.

Yet, the family is taking so much care and spending so much money by engaging top music director, lyricist and editor to make the video. So, what is the video all about?

It is the wedding video of NTV owner Narendra Chowdary’s daughter. He has so much affection for his daughter that he had performed the marriage in the most ostentatious manner.

In a way, it was mother of all weddings in the Telugu circles, so as to make it the most memorable event in the family of Chowdary.

Huge amount of money was spent right from the printing of wedding invitations to extension of invitations to creating a huge setting for the marriage.

Crores of rupees were spent only flowers imported from abroad and the most modern technology was used to shoot the entire wedding process, right from engagement to reception.

So, naturally, Chowdary wants the wedding video to be the best in the country, way different from any other any other marriage video. That is why, he has engaged Chandrabose, who is expected to pen three songs and Mickey J Mayor to give the best composing and background score. The editing would be done by Praveen Pudi.

The works are likely to begin shortly. Once the video is ready, the copies would be circulated among the friends, relatives and family members.

It is not enough, if one has money. One should have taste and passion to get the best out of anything. Needless to say, Chowdary has it the most!



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