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They Should Learn From Balakrishna

They Should Learn From Balakrishna

Nandamuri Balakrishna is proving everyone that he is not just another actor-turned-politician.

While most of the MPs and MLAs are yet to settle down and enquire about the problems in their constituencies, Balayya has already started the development programs in Hindupur and he is lobbying hard to get some prestigious government institutions and private companies.

Currently, Balakrishna is shooting for his upcoming with under the direction of debutant Sathyadeva and Trisha Krishnan is the leading lady.

Balayya has become busy and he is successfully playing a dual role of actor and politician.

People close to him and his fans know about the soft heart of Balakrishna and he is talking to each and every one patiently without any time limit.

Balakrishna has insisted his team members to make sure that each and every problem in Hindupur should be brought to his notice. 

This is definitely a wonderful initiative taken by Balakrishna and unlike some of his counterparts who entered into politics and became jokers; this 'Legend' is setting an example of how a leader should work.

Keep it up Balayya!



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