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The Best Statement Of His Life

There is a serious competition among two politicians of Andhra Pradesh for the tag of 'Rahul Gandhi' of AP.

The two contenders are Nara Lokesh, who was allegedly educated by Satyam Ramalinga Raju and thrice-married Pawan Kalyan.

Neither of them has come across as a sensible politician and had they been in national politics, they would have given Rahul Gandhi, a serious run for his money.

Anyway, locked in a dead heat for the tag of ‘Rahul Gandhi of AP’, Nara Lokesh made the most brilliant statement of his career.

“International Yoga Day made the world realize the significance of healthy living through Yoga,” said Nara Lokesh.

This is a sensible statement and therefore since Pawan Kalyan hasn’t said anything on similar lines to date, the tag of ‘Rahul Gandhi of AP’ should go to Pawan Kalyan. Since the award will be presented after 2019 polls, the race is still open.



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