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TDP Cadre Upset With Babu's Speeches

TDP Cadre Upset With Babu's Speeches

Chandrababu Naidu has a position as the opposition party leader of the state of Andhra Pradesh. As long as he has 18 MLAs with him he can enjoy the status. 

But it seems he is assuming that he lost it too. He is not at all playing his role. He must be thinking that he was retired from his political life. 

The common habit of many retired people is nothing but saying what all they did in their career. Chandrababu, of course, is saying many things pulling the others' credit also into his account. 

Everybody knows the main role of the opposition party leader is to point out the mistakes of the ruling party. But instead, Babu is busy boasting that he had built an airport, realized Outer Ring Road and many things in his reign, which he never did. 

The cadre of TDP is upset with his numbskull talk in recent times. 

"Already we are in a coma. Our leader is putting our party on the death bed with his speeches. He desperately needs a writer before our supporters also go away from us" lamented a TDP leader in the condition of anonymity. 

Babu! wake up. You have a role to play in a democratic political system.

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