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'Super Hit' Tag For Super Flop Alliance?

'Super Hit' Tag For Super Flop Alliance?

Generally, filmmakers tend to engage in more publicity for a flop film, labeling it as 'successful' and organizing success tours. It appears that Chandrababu is following a similar pattern at present.

Looking back into history, in 1983, the Eenadu daily featured a remarkable and memorable emotional headline proclaiming 'Telugu Desam Super Hit.' This headline marked the victory of N.T. Rama Rao, who became Chief Minister.

NTR, the hero of the time, achieved this victory by forming a party for the first time. In homage to the success of the political movement, the headline 'Super Hit' was evoked, resonating with readers of that time.

Now, Chandrababu Naidu appears to echo a similar sentiment.

With Pawan Kalyan, a renowned film actor, aligning with his party, Chandrababu through its allied media is asserting that the 'Telugu Desam - Janasena alliance is a super hit,' suggesting imminent victory.

While alliances may have formed as per Chandrababu's desires, the background of earlier reports indicating his reluctance to allocate more than 40 seats to Janasena raises questions. He may be successful in limiting Pawan's party to 24 seats.

However, the trajectory of these alliances remains uncertain. It remains to be seen if all Janasena forces will work with fervor.

Should these two entities progress together and achieve success, Chandrababu Naidu will undoubtedly tout the term 'Super Hit.' Yet, it won't be easy for him to deceive the public solely on the basis of that term.

Detractors are trolling, suggesting that Chandrababu is only too eager to employ the term "Super Hit," fearing he won't have the opportunity to do so after the election.

A netizen mentioned, saying, "It's a super hit tag for a super flop alliance."


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