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Sometimes, Democracy Is Indeed A Joke

The man who has categorically ruled out special status to Andhra Pradesh, Arun Jaitley is the Finance Minister of India. but how many are aware that in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Arun Jaitley lost the election by a margin of more than 94000 votes to his rival in Amritsar, Punjab?

A man who could not win the confidence of his own constituency dictates the finances of the nation today.

And who was heading the TDP delegation of MP's that called on Arun Jaitley to 'discuss' the special status to Andhra Pradesh? Sujana Chowdary, an acknowledged loan defaulter!

A loan defaulter becomes an MP and a Union Minister and then goes to meet the Union Finance Minister who could not earn the trust of the people of his own constituency, to request the former to honor their promise to the people.



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