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Shivers In MP Vivek's Spine!!

Shivers In MP Vivek's Spine!!

Politics is one field where you don’t know what will happen when. This is something the MP from Peddapalli, Vivek seems to have realized now.

So far, he was called the unanimous champion of that area but now there is another man coming in who is giving sleepless night to Vivek and tension in his spine.

He is none other than Srinivas Gomasa. During 2009 polls Srinivas fought against Vivek on behalf of the Maha Kutami and lost by just 29000 votes.

But in the last five years a lot has changed. Vivek has also quit Congress and joined TRS which has got him the ire of Congress leaders and workers.

At the same time, there is a strong talk that Vivek has not done anything for the constituency. The other important factor is Peddapalli’s major vote bank comprises of the Mahar, Nethakani communities and Srinivas happens to be from Mahar community whereas Vivek is from Mala community.

Now, it is heard that Srinivas has gone ahead and joined Congress in the presence of Geeta Reddy, Digvijay Singh, deputy CM Damodar Rajanarasimha.

From a long time, Congress has been searching for the right kind of candidate who can bring down Vivek and now they have found that person in Srinivas.

So, if Srinivas contests from Peddapalli then Vivek is going to have a tough time. Sources say even if TRS merges with Congress it is only Srinivas who is expected to get the ticket.

Well, wonder how Vivek is going to tackle this situation.

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