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Shamila entry, a blessing in disguise for Jagan?

Shamila entry, a blessing in disguise for Jagan?

The entry of Y S Sharmila into Andhra Pradesh politics, as she takes over as the president of the state Congress party, is believed to be an embarrassment for her brother, Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy. This development is seen as causing a dent in the electoral prospects of the ruling YSR Congress party.

Sharmila has been making a sharp and vitriolic attack on her brother and his government in the state, which is expected to generate further anti-incumbency against the ruling party.

The YSR Congress party is already facing a tough contest from the Telugu Desam Party-Jana Sena Party combine.

However, a section of analysts suggests that Sharmila’s entry might be seen as a blessing in disguise for Jagan.

According to them, her entry has put the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on high alert, as the Congress has suddenly become active in Andhra Pradesh, with Sharmila targeting not only her brother but also the BJP.

For the past decade, the Congress has been virtually inactive in the state, unable to secure even one percent of the votes in elections.

Sharmila's entry, however, has rejuvenated the Congress, and analysts believe that it could potentially increase its vote share to 3-4 percent in the upcoming elections, even if it may not win a single seat.

If the Congress gains momentum this time, it might develop into a significant force by 2029, as many of the old-time YSRCP leaders and other disgruntled elements may join the party.

This poses a threat to the BJP, which is attempting to occupy the opposition space in Andhra Pradesh. For this scenario to unfold, the TDP should lose the elections, and the YSRCP should return to power.

The BJP, previously indecisive about aligning with the TDP-Jana Sena combine, might reconsider its plans and indirectly join hands with the YSRCP to help Jagan return to power. If Jagan regains power, Sharmila’s influence may wane, and the Congress could return to obscurity.

Therefore, Sharmila’s entry is seen as indirectly aiding Jagan. Jagan is expected to visit New Delhi to discuss these issues with top BJP leaders.

He might seek BJP assistance to regain power, possibly offering a Rajya Sabha seat to a BJP nominee to appease the party's leadership.

If this arrangement materializes, the BJP may abandon Jana Sena and support Jagan in various ways, effectively hitting two birds with one stone – countering Naidu as well as Sharmila.


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