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Sardaar To Complete Shooting By March 20

The idea of Pawan Kalyan shooting "Sardaar Gabbar Singh" with two units is yielding results, say the unit members.

Early this month, Pawan Kalyan appraised the production process and realized that a lot is left to be shot if he wants to release it in April. Then he asked the producer Sharrat Marar to use two units to complete the movie. 

From the first week of this month, director Ravindra aka Bobby has been shooting the movie with two units and now it has already completed 70 percent. The team is now confident of completing the shooting part by March 20.

Allu Arjun who was hoping to release his movie on 8th April if "Sardaar Gabbar Singh" fails to complete the shooting will be disappointed to know this. 

Pawan wants to start another film immediately from April. Hence he made the team to use two units.



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