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Ravi Prakash sacked or quit?

Ravi Prakash sacked or quit?

At last, founder-chief executive officer of popular Telugu television channel TV9 V Ravi Prakash is out of the channel, with effect from Friday.

The new management of the channel comprising four board of directors from Alanda Media and Entertainment Private Ltd declared at a press conference in the evening that Ravi Prakash was removed as the CEO and also a director on the board of Associated Broadcasting Private Limited along with chief financial officer M K V N Murthy, at an extraordinary general body meeting (EGM) of the company in the afternoon.

However, at 6 pm in the evening, Ravi Prakash issued a statement stating that he was resigning from TV9 as CEO and the board member of ABCL.

The new board members, at a press conference, made serious allegations against Ravi Prakash stating that he had made all the attempts to stonewall the appointment of new board of directors and prevent them from taking over the channel.

They even alleged that he had resorted to forgery of the signature of one of the directors and prevented uploading the details of the four directors on the website of the Registrar of Companies.

Ravi Prakash also made serious allegations in his resignation letter against the “forced” board of directors.

He accused the new board members of representatives of political honchos who were out to devour every journalist and independent media house.

He alleged that they had threatened a professional ‘Company Secretary’ to falsely lodge a complaint on ABCL & its directors.

The sacked CEO alleged that the new management, with the support of a few members of the Registrar of Companies, tried to take illegal control of the channel through backdoor methods.

“You are planning to make TV9 yet another political mouth piece,” he alleged.

“You are representatives of political business houses, which are purely bent of illegal, pretentious and hostile ways of ruining independent media houses to your benefit,” Ravi Prakash alleged.



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