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Rain Problems For Tamil Industry

It is known that due to depression in Bay of Bengal, there has been and is heavy rainfall all over Tamil Nadu. This has resulted in many coastal towns being flooded with water.

Naturally, this has resulted in many theatres being flooded and the management has had to shut them down.

Diwali saw the release of films of two heavy-weights, Kamal Haasan and Ajith. While Kamal had a release in Cheekati Rajyam or Thoongavanam in Tamil, Ajith had Vedalam.

While both films opened to good reviews and full houses, rains have played spoil-sport in the story.

The problem is that apart from theatres being shut down, the roads are also flooded with water and this has resulted in lots of chaos in Tamil Nadu.

The situation is the same in Chennai where people are wading through knee-deep water in many places. Naturally, many will not be keen on going out to watch films and this has impacted the collections of the films.

And the situation is equally bad for films in production as flooding all over has resulted in shoots being cancelled and postponed.

In all, the film industry is totally disturbed with the situation thanks to incessant rains.



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