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Putting Self Before State: The Andhra Way

Putting Self Before State: The Andhra Way

The Telangana agitation was successful because the people there were united and managed to put the agitation ahead of caste and other considerations.

But for the Andhras, caste comes before everything else and therefore, they failed to keep the state united despite being materially and intellectually superior to their Telangana counterparts.

You can abuse an Andhra person in any manner you like and get away with it, but bring his caste into the equation and only God can save you from his wrath. That has been the Andhra way all along: caste above everything else.

Mudragadda Padmanabham was saying that Kapus deserved to be included in the BC list as it was a promise made to them by CBN or else, he would go ahead with the agitation.

Similarly, many caste groups such as SC/ST’s in Andhra have in the past issued various ultimatums. There was another poll promise made by Naidu: loan waiver to farmers and unemployment fund to graduates.

Nobody is coming forward to question the government on these failed promises because farmers, students and DWACRA groups are general bodies; they do not belong to any caste.

The day, Andhras put aside their casteist considerations and come forward to work as a team, they will be unbeatable anywhere.

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