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Prakash Raj mocks Modi over BJP's underperformance

Prakash Raj mocks Modi over BJP's underperformance

As BJP suffered a short but decisive scare at the hands of the Congress during the Gujarat Assembly poll counting on Monday, noted film actor Prakash Raj has asked prime minister Narendra Modi to stop and introspect on the party's victory.

"Congratulations... yes... but... are you happy? Weren't you supposed to sweep (polls) with your Vikaas? Will you pause for a moment to realize," the National Award-winning actor tweeted Monday.

Contrary to exit poll predictions of an easy win for the BJP, the party was engaged in a brief neck-and-neck contest with the Congress. But it eventually regained its lead and was all set to rule the home turf of Modi for the sixth time and was on course to evict Congress from Himachal Pradesh.

Prakash Raj has asked the PM to introspect on why his saffron party was not able to sweep the promised 150 seats with his 'Vikaas' motto.

Further attacking the PM and his party, the actor listed out the factors that did not work in favor of the government, including divisive politics.

"Our country has bigger issues than Pakistan... religion... caste, supporting fringe groups that threaten [sic]," he pointed out.

He asked the PM to instead focus on 'genuine' issues of the rural people. "The neglected voice of the farmer... poor... rural India got a little louder, can you hear?"

The noted actor had earlier too questioned Modi over his silence on those who were 'celebrating' the killing of journalist Gauri Lankesh and said he felt like returning his awards.



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