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Politicking To Run Down Prashant?

Politicking To Run Down Prashant?

Success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan, it is said. Interestingly, even the successful people also have many detractors as election strategist Prashant Kishor is discovering to his dismay.

On the one hand, he has managed to infuse some life in a moribund Congress in Uttar Pradesh, forcing Rahul Gandhi to embark on his longest yatra; but on the other, those who can't stand his guts have started a whisper campaign to create some rift between him and the Congress leadership.

It is learnt some anonymous mails have been sent to Congress President Sonia Gandhi insinuating that Kishor is in backroom talks with Arvind Kejriwal and that he has met Kejriwal five times at Ram Jethmalani's home in the Capital.

While those who are close to Kishor dismiss these as bunkum, there are others who say that given how keen the contest in Punjab is likely to be, these alleged backroom talks could well come handy later.



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