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Pawan Kalyan's Media Plan As A Political Actor

Pawan Kalyan's Media Plan As A Political Actor

Is Pawan Kalyan a political leader or a cine actor? With his recent actions many in social media are posting that he is neither but a political actor.

He acts in politics like he acts in films, imply many. Freshly he decided to act in films full time as he says that is the only income source he has.

But how far he is pinned to his political interest? Here comes a shocking leak.

He hired a team who work in guise of him by releasing Press Notes on different issues to make his political presence felt. Media advisor will rise the topic and the writer pens a press note and releases. Only when it is highly necessary the power star will release a video byte. Other than this he decided not to hold any pressmeets as he knows that his intelligence is not sufficient to articulate the issues spontaneously.

Coming to the films he has Vakeel Saab in hand now and next comes Krish's film. He has also lined up Harish Shankar and Sagar Chandra on Sitara banner. Then another film is in queue with Surender Reddy in Ram Talluri's production. 

So with these 5 films he will be busy till 2024 elections. He will stop film acting and start political action for some time and tests his luck again. Thats the plan chalked out freshly as per the inside source. 

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