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Pavan Threatens Agitation Again!

Pavan Threatens Agitation Again!

Power star and Jana Sena Party president Pavan Kalyan is back in political action to take up fight on behalf of farmers of West Godavari district who have been fighting against Aqua Marine Food Park coming up at Bhimavaram.

Pavan addressed a press conference in Hyderabad along with some aggrieved farmers who were brought from Bhimavaram exclusively for his interaction.

Contrary to his previous meetings wherein Pavan was the only person to appear on stage, this time even farmers were there on the stage to speak to the media.

Surprisingly, Pavan did not make much attack on chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu or his government for giving permission for the food park, whereas the farmers gave vent to their anger at the chief minister.

He only said if the government did not withdraw the food park proposal, he, along with like-minded parties and leaders, would take up agitation in support of the farmers.

Instead of attacking Naidu, Pavan targeted the BJP MP from Narasapur Gokaraju Ranga Raju.

“What is he silent when the farmers in his constituency are agitating? Why is Section 144 imposed in these villages? Does the MP want Bhimavaram to become another Nandigram?” he asked.

The only occasion on which Pavan made a mention of Naidu government and the TDP was when he questioned the need for the TDP government to be adamant on the food park despite protests from farmers.

“It should have chosen a place which had no fertile lands. Such decisions would lead to caste wars,” he warned.



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