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Opinion: JP's Double Standards!

Opinion: JP's Double Standards!

Lok Satta Party national president Dr Jayaprakash Narayana has once again proved that he is like any other politician, though he claims he is a reformer in politics.

During the Delhi elections in 2013, JP tried to make friends with Aam Admi Party president Kejriwal and had even offered to merge his Lok Satta Party with AAP. But somehow, Kejriwal did not entertain JP.

Later, after Narendra Modi led the BJP to a massive victory in Lok Sabha elections, JP started singing Modi tune. He attacked the Congress and described Modi as a reformer. He even appreciated Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

Now with AAP sweeping the Delhi polls, JP is back to his old game. He has started praising Kejriwal and attacking Modi and the Congress.

He said Kejriwal could record a landslide victory through an enticing publicity against the BJP and Congress. The AAP chief could convince the people of providing corrupt-free and transparent government, he said.

“With this, the nation is now witnessing a fourth generation of politics of Lok Satta and AAP,” he claimed.

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