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Opinion: Develop and Then Speak Up!

Opinion: Develop and Then Speak Up!

"Chandrababu Naidu gave us a gift by interfering in Telangana politics. I shall return the gift to him," said KCR while basking in the glory of his recent electoral win.

What stupidity is this on the part of KCR? Any Indian citizen can contest the elections anywhere across the country or own properties anywhere across the nation. So, what is this question of interference?

In fact, KCR owes his political birth to the TDP and although he might not be enamored of Naidu, he definitely cannot question the TDP’s right to contest the polls.

Did the BSP, a regional Party not win three seats in Rajasthan? Did MIM not win a couple of seats in the municipal elections in Maharashtra? Were they interfering?

KCR played a pivotal role in the T-agitation although Telangana might not have become a reality because of his efforts alone.

KCR’s motives were selfish but the end result was beneficial to the people of Telangana. Similarly, Naidu’s motives may have been selfish but it is undeniable that he played a key role in the development of Hyderabad.

When such a person contests the polls in a region where he was CM for nine years, is it interference? CBN and YSR put Hyderabad on an auto-pilot mode and KCR grabbed the whole venture overnight in the name of self-respect.

What exactly has KCR’s contribution been to making Telangana what it is today or at least in these four years? Zilch! Zero! Nothing!

Except for changing the name plates on government offices from AP to TS and earmarking a few foot of the pavement on Tank Bund as Bathukamma Ghat, what exactly has KCR done for Hyderabad?

When Naidu speaks of Hi-Tech city, KCR and KTR speak of Charminar. Well, it’s about time these imbeciles realised that Charminar does not feed people, Hi-Tech city does. Of course Naidu 2.0 is an utter failure in AP but that’s a different matter altogether. 

Opposing Naidu because of his immoral kind of politics is understandable, but saying his decision to contest the polls in Telangana is interference? That’s too much from the pink boys!

YSR once said, “Under KCR, we might need a visa to visit Hyderabad.” That day doesn’t seem to be far away.

Written By Kiran Sharma

(The author is a freelance writer. Views are personal)



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