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Now, Ramoji Beats His Drum For KCR

Now, Ramoji Beats His Drum For KCR

There is a popular saying, ‘While in Rome, do what the Romans do’. And well-known media baron surely lives by this maxim. There was a time when his was the only paper that the Telugu people had access to. So, he used this medium to make NTR the CM. For his contribution, he was suitably rewarded by being granted vast tracts of land in prime locations.

He went a step ahead when Chandra Babu was coming into power and became his mouthpiece. This time, he was rewarded with land in Telangana’s Anajpur, where he build biggest film city Ramoji Film City.

Now, times have changed and power has changed hands. Various media houses have sprouted to give stiff competition to Eenadu and many parties have emerged to oppose TDP.

A shrewd Ramoji has now changed his stance. He has now started eulogizing KCR who has sworn that he would plough the fields in the land on which Ramoji Film City was built. So, Ramoji is trying to appease him by writing banner stories about KCR’s fighting spirit and his sacrificial nature.

In the past, Indra Reddy was his nemesis. Unfortunately, he was killed in an accident. Hence, Ramoji is trying to pacify KCR in Telangana and trying to establish Chandra Babu as a strong leader in Andhra Pradesh.

Well, one must confess that Ramoji is indeed a man who can get along in all circumstances.

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