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No Respect For Naidu At All

It is now very much clear that the Centre has absolutely no respect for CBN at all. And to be fair to the Center, how can one expect it to respect the TDP which despite repeated humiliations does not call off its alliance with the BJP?

And the reason why CBN is still sucking up to the NDA is not out of concern for the well-being of the people of AP but for the purpose of covering his own massive corruption in Amaravathi and to negotiate the ‘Revanth Reddy’ case safely.

The BJP is not keen on extending a helping hand to AP as Modi has absolutely no trust in the integrity of CBN. This was made amply clear by CBN himself when he requested Modi for a whopping Rs 70,000 crore as cyclone relief post-Hudhud.

To date, AP has got around Rs 400 crore for the rehabilitation of Vizag post Hudhud. And the BJP categorically denied special status to AP in the apprehension that CBN would walk away with all the credit.

The recent Union Budget is like a slap on the face of CBN. A paltry Rs 100 crore has been allocated for Polavaram whereas the state asked for Rs 6000 crore.

The state’s plea for a grant of Rs 4000 crore for financing government buildings and other essential infrastructure in Amaravathi has been completely ignored. There is absolutely no mention of a special category status or a special financial package.

The CBN government’s plea to sanction an annual grant of Rs 200 crore to each of the seven backward districts in the state has been denied.

The budget also denied AP’s plea for Rs 13,776 crore to cover the state’s revenue deficit. Hearty congratulations Naidu! Keep going!



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