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No MLC seats for BJP in Andhra

The TDP is learnt to have made it clear to its ally the BJP that they cannot spare any MLC seats for the latter.

According to the Assembly quota, the TDP can get three seats and the YSRCP, one seat.

The BJP as hopeful of being allotted one seat this time and again in 2017 and 2019. But the TDP says that there is too much competition in their Party itself and there are many loyalists in their Party hopeful of an MLC nomination.

“We cannot disappoint our own Party people. Besides, did we not give up one Rajya Sabha seat for Nirmala Seetharaman?” says the TDP. They may be right, but it would be interesting to see whether the BJP under an autocratic Amit Shah will take this decision of the TDP in the right spirit.



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