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No Early Polls For 2019?

No Early Polls For 2019?

It is an open secret that KCR has a tacit understanding with the BJP. And it is this pact which gives rise to the assumption that the BJP will not call for early polls in 2019. The reason is KCR’s focus on the Sarpanch elections.

The term of the incumbents will expire on August 1 and KCR is determined to complete the Sarpanch elections in time at any cost notwithstanding any legal hurdles that might crop up.

KCR who faced a lot of flak for handcuffing farmers in the past believes he has scored a winner with the Rythu Bandhu scheme.

He is keen on assessing the impact of this scheme via the Sarpanch elections which will galvanise the TRS cadre and keep them ready for 2019.

But party MLAs are worried that any adverse result in the Sarpanch elections might prove to be a setback to the 2019 polls and don’t want KCR to take a risk at this juncture.

Also, should the Centre announce early polls it will not leave the TRS enough time to be prepared after the Sarpanch polls.

But KCR is determined to go ahead with the Sarpanch election, probably because he has been given an indication by the BJP that there will be no early polls.



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