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No All-Party Meet, But All Sections' Meet!

No All-Party Meet, But All Sections' Meet!

Within 24 hours of announcing that he would conduct an all-party meeting on the raw deal meted out to Andhra Pradesh in the Central budget and lack of implementation of promises made in AP Reorganisation Act, Telugu Desam Party president and chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu changed his tune.

Naidu, who convened the TDP coordination committee meeting at Amaravati on Tuesday morning, reportedly told them that he did not want to conduct any all party meeting, but would definitely call representatives of various organisations that have been fighting for justice to the state.

“I will talk to all the like-minded people after the conclusion of Partnership Summit in the last week of February. We shall take everybody into confidence in our struggle. There is no scope for any politicking in this endeavour,” he said.

Obviously, Naidu was given the impression that if he calls for an all-party meeting, he would have to definitely call YSR Congress party and the Bharatiya Janata Party, because they are the only two parties having their presence in the assembly.

He should also call the Congress party representatives to the meeting, though the party has no presence in the assembly.

And if these three parties attend the meeting, there would only be fireworks at the TDP and there is none to come to its rescue.

Moreover, Naidu would have come out a clear stand on the special category status and give an answer as to why he had to accept the special financial package.

Finally, the issue might take a turn as he has to give an answer on the misappropriation of central funds.

Hence, Naidu decided against the all-party meeting!



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