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Naidu Upset With 'immature' Akhila

Politicking needs a lot of patience and maturity, rather than mere aggression. It was proved in the case of YSR Congress party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy, who lost the golden chance of coming to power in 2014 because of his immature and aggressive politics.

It appears Andhra Pradesh Tourism Minister Bhuma Akhila Priya is also facing the same situation.

She thought she has inherited the aggressive politics from her father late Bhuma Nagi Reddy and that she would take control of politics in Allagadda and Nandyal, if not entire Kurnool, quickly.

But, Bhuma was a seasoned politician. He carefully nurtured his constituency and group and despite shifting loyalties from YSRC to the TDP, he did not lose support from the people and the followers.

All the senior leaders were close to him, irrespective of his political affiliation. Even his bitter rival Shilpa Mohan Reddy could not raise his head against Bhuma.

However, soon after becoming the minister, Akhila started behaving independently, thereby distancing all the seniors who were closer to her father.

She could have taken Shilpa Mohan Reddy into confidence first, because he was the contender for the Nandyal by-poll ticket. But she tried to dominate Nandyal constituency, as a result of which Shilpa had to quit the TDP to jump into the YSRC.

Now, Bhuma’s close aide A V Subba Reddy also threatened to jump into the YSRC, as he said Akhila was ignoring him and taking independent decisions.

“When Bhuma was alive, he used to give a lot of importance to me. Now, I feel suffocated in the TDP. If Akhila does not want my advice, I will have my own way. I have offers from YSRC,” he said.

This has upset TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu. He called a meeting of Kurnool leaders on Saturday and reviewed the situation in Nandyal.

He is said to have expressed unhappiness over Akhila’s immature politics which resulted in quitting of Shilpa and a large number of TDP leaders.

Now with Subba Reddy also deciding to quit, he asked Akhila to do damage control, lest the party lose the Nandyal poll.



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