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Nadendla to replace Raghuveera as APCC chief?

Nadendla to replace Raghuveera as APCC chief?

The Congress party in Andhra Pradesh, which is virtually on the death bed, is making a desperate attempt to get some life before the 2019 elections.

Though it knows it is extremely difficult to find space in the wake of multi-cornered contest in the state, it hopes to improve its voting percentage at least so that it can infuse some confidence in the people.

As part of it, the AICC appointed a seasoned politician like Oomen Chandy, former Kerala chief minister, as the party in-charge of Andhra affairs.

According to latest reports, the party is also planning to make a change in the APCC leadership.

According to the Congress party sources, former Assembly Speaker and senior party leader Nadendla Manohar is most likely to be made the new party president in the State, replacing N Raghuveera Reddy.

Though the party leadership does not have anything negative against Raghuveera, as he has been able to keep the party alive at least to some extent in the last four years, it wants to bring in the change with a view to attract young leadership.

Manohar, being a Kamma, has considerable clout in the community. May be, the party leadership thought he would be able to come in handy in working out a secret understanding with the Telugu Desam Party in the coming elections.

The party hopes with Manohar at the helm of affairs, it can win at least half a dozen assembly seats in the next elections!


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