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Lokesh Runs Down Vizag For Amaravati!

Telugu Desam Party general secretary and Andhra Pradesh minister for IT Nara Lokesh is yet to learn the tricks of the trade in politics.

Even after coming to politics four years ago and becoming a minister a few months ago, Lokesh does not know even now as to what to talk and what not to talk in public, since his every single statement is read between the lines by his critics.

On Friday, Lokesh made a controversial statement in Visakhapatnam. While explaining the steps being taken by the TDP government with regard to industrialisation, he inadvertently blurted out a bitter truth: that there is no possibility of big industries coming to Visakhapatnam in the coming days.

The reason given by Lokesh is that there is no big chunk of land available in and around Visakhapatnam for allotting to the big industries.

If one were to read between the lines of his statement, one would get the feeling that Lokesh is promoting Amaravati, the new capital region, at the cost of Visakhapatnam.

Though his father -- chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu has been desperately trying to give some lift to Amaravati, nothing much has been grounded so far, except the temporary secretariat and the assembly building. Everything is still at the designing stage.

So, he wants some big industrial houses to set up their shops in the Amaravati region. That is why Lokesh might be trying to discourage industrialists who want to develop Vizag as an industrial hub and divert them to Amaravati.

But industrialists are not fools. They prefer only those locations which are strategically important for their business. And there is no better place than Visakhapatnam.

In any case, what Lokesh said is true. When political bigwigs from his party had encroached upon thousands of acres in Visakhapatnam, where will be the land for industries?



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