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Learning From Sunil's Experience?

Comedians turning hero in Tollywood is not a new phenomenon and the latest one to join the bandwagon is ‘Satyam’ Rajesh.

He has played the male lead in upcoming movie ‘Nayaki’ and guess who the heroine is? Trisha!!!

But Rajesh appears to be worried that his intentions may be misunderstood for he was at pains to clarify in an interview to an English daily that he had no dreams of turning a full-fledged hero.

“Nayaki will be my first and last movie as a hero. I am not a hero, I am an artiste. I realized that being a hero is a completely different ballgame. After acting in 350 movies and spending 12 years as an actor and playing myriad roles, trying to be a hero doesn't make any sense.

I'm open to playing good roles -negative ones, comedy, supporting roles -but definitely not the hero,” said Satyam Rajesh.

Maybe he has learnt a thing or two from Sunil’s experience. Having sai that, who knows what destiny has in store for any person? Maybe Sunil will end up as a commercial super star after all!



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