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Lagadapati Survey In Telangana Bogus!

Lagadapati Survey In Telangana Bogus!

A latest survey purported to have been commissioned by former Vijayawada MP Lagadapati Rajagopal on the ensuing Telangana elections became a rage in the social media circles.

Obviously a handiwork of the Congress party, the survey predicted that the Congress party will get 61 assembly seats, while the TRS would end up with just 39 seats.

While the MIM predictably gets seven seats, the TDP would get just three seats. The BJP would also win only three seats.

The CPI will win two seats and the CPI-M would get one. The remaining three seats would go to “others,” probably the Telangana Jana Samithi and independents.

The people tend to take this survey on its face value, as Lagadapati gained a lot of credibility with his past surveys, which were near accurate.

So much so that even some TRS leaders reacted on it saying Lagadapati had no business to conduct surveys in Telangana and asking him to restrict to Andhra Pradesh.

Fearing that it might create a negative impact, the TRS social media wing, too, threw another “Lagadapati survey” into the public, saying the TRS would win 91 seats, while the Congress would end up with nine seats, MIM seven, the TDP three, the BJP three, CPI 2, CPM 1 and the others three.

However, both these surveys turned out to be bogus, as Lagadapati himself clarified that he had not done any survey in Telangana.

“If at all I do, I will disclose the survey results on my own by addressing a press conference. I don’t who had done these surveys and why there used my name,” he told a political website of Telangana.



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