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KCR's Silly Argument In Support Of Nizam!

KCR's Silly Argument In Support Of Nizam!

Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao's blatant support of tyrannical ruler of the erstwhile Hyderabad state Mir Osman Ali Khan, the VII Nizam, has drawn some sharp criticism from the left, right and the centre of the people in the social media.

KCR not only praised the Nizam for his immense contribution to the education and healthcare in Hyderabad, but also said the TRS would get the Telangana history re-written eulogising the Nizam’s rule.

What is strange, he also compared his affection of the Nizam to the respect of Andhra people towards Sir Arthur Cotton.

The TRS chief’s arguments are very silly, say the netizens.

“Even the British, who had looted India, had done some good things for the people such as introduction of railways, laying of roads, bringing of electricity and eradication of social evils like Sati. So, should be rewrite Indian history praising the British?” a writer argued.

It was a historical fact that the Nizam had looted public money by collecting huge taxes from people and established a feudal regime in Telangana.

KCR forgot the fact that it was Telangana people, not the Andhras, who had revolted against the Nizam by launching an armed struggle.

The wounds created by the Nizam’s private army Razakars are yet to be forgotten. And KCR is conveniently ignorinig these facts.

“Praising Nizam is nothing but insulting the great contribution of Telangana martyrs,” he added.

The comparison between the Nizam and Sir Arthur Cotton is also wrong because the latter was just an engineer, but the Nizam was a ruler, who unleashed a reign of terror on the people of Telangana. He had even disobeyed India's national sovereignty and hobnobbed with Pakistani rulers, the writer pointed out.



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