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KCR's Cruel Joke On Martyrs' Families

On the 2nd Formation Day celebrations, KCR gave appointment letters to many of the kith and kin of the martyr’s families.

The beneficiaries had a sad smile on their faces as they felt that the sacrifices made by their loved ones for Telangana was not in vain. But their satisfaction was short lived.  

When they went to report for duties, they were told that there were no vacancies for the positions to which they had been given appointment letters. In Adilabad district alone, there were 27 cases.

Apparently, when the matter was reported to the District Collector, he pleaded helplessness in the issue. All this was revealed in a letter written by Revanth Reddy in a letter he wrote to KCR demanding justice to the families of the martyrs.

What a cruel joke to play on the families of the martyrs and that too on formation day.



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