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KCR Government Behavior Inhuman

KCR Government Behavior Inhuman

TPCC President Dr Ponnala Lakshmiah on Monday lambasted the TRS Government for behaving in an inhuman manner and denying pensions to many eligible people and  thus causing  their death.

Ponnala said the lists of pensioners were announced today in villages throughout the State, and many eligible aged, widows and physically handicapped were declared as ineligible for pensions. Already some of the people have died of heart attack out of fear that they would not get pension.

With the lists coming out today, many eligible people were in desperation. Thousands of names were not there in the lists announced and this is a matter of grave concern. Many eligible people have started agitations, rasta tokos and dharnas, he said.

The TPCC President demanded the Government to act immediately and see that all eligible persons got the pensions. It was not fair to hit the eligible people below the belt by denying pensions, he added.



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