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Kamal Haasan Is Another Pawan Kalyan

Kamal Haasan Is Another Pawan Kalyan

Universal Star Kamal Haasan is without doubt the greatest entertainers of Indian cinema but there is a stark difference between reel life and real life.

Kamal’s dialogues on silver screen will evoke claps but if he attempts the same in real life it only leads to satires.

The reason for this discussion is Kamal’s tweet on his birthday to his fans. He mentioned that his next birthday would be happening in CM’s office.

Well, Tamil Nadu has its elections next year so those who read Kamal’s tweet said he is indicating he would be the next CM of the state.

The political analysts say Kamal seems to be in a dream world of his own and quipped the star expects things will happen just like it is written in a script for a film. Some are also saying Kamal Haasan is just another Pawan Kalyan. 

The dreaming part is intact and statements go tall but when it comes to real action and putting efforts to achieve results, that part is zero.

Politics and cinema are two totally different domains so it remains to be seen whether Kamal will show the ability to prove them wrong.

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