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Jagan's Overtures To Undavalli?

Jagan's Overtures To Undavalli?

Political sources say that YS Jagan has sent a message to Undavalli Arun Kumar asking the latter to join the YSRCP.

Undavalli is a close friend of KVP Ramachandra Rao and naturally, a die-hard loyalist of YSR who was said to be extremely fond of Undavalli.

Today, Jagan is the sole face of YSRCP and is in need of seasoned players with not just good communication skills, but who are good strategists and have a clean image. For this reason, Jagan is said to be keen on inviting a few YSR loyalists who are still in the Congress and Undavalli is at the top of his priorities.

Political analysts also believe that the entry of Undavalli into YSRCP would attract a lot more reputed people into the Party. However, Jagan is believed to have conveyed the message to Undavalli through a third person and has not spoken to him directly.

Known to be a person with a pretty strong ego, the very fact that he has opened lines of communication with Undavalli of his own accord is in itself a big climb down for Jagan! Will his parleys with Undavalli bear fruit?

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