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Jagan Not Alert To TDP's Strategy

Jagan Not Alert To TDP's Strategy

Time and again, YS Jagan's inexperience as a leader comes to the fore. But to be fair to him, he does learn from the experience.

One big disadvantage Jagan has is that people compare him to his late father YS Rajasekhar Reddy which is unfair.

Rajsekhar Reddy had to wait it out in the opposition for many years and change as a person before he became the undisputed leader of the Congress and the state.

Comparatively, Jagan is a greenhorn. And taking on a seasoned politician like CBN is no joke either. Nevertheless, Jagan could have taken preventive action regarding the defection of YSRCP MLA’s to TDP.

He should have realized that the way TRS was luring the TDP MLA’s to his camp in Telangana, it was only a matter of time before CBN implemented the same policy in AP.

Therefore, he should have been well-prepared. At the last minute, his attempt at mind games by saying that TDP MLA’s were in touch with him turned out to be futile.

Honestly, it might be difficult to have prevented Akhila Priya and Jaleel Khan’s defections as they were promised Ministership. But regarding the others, Jagan could have perhaps prevented it.

Jagan is saying that he and his mother resigned from the Congress before seeking a fresh mandate. Similarly, the YSRCP MLA’s who joined his party from other parties were re-elected on a fresh mandate. Thereby, Jagan is claiming the high moral ground.

What he should realize is that CBN is a street fighter whose only objective is power. Therefore, there are no rules in a tussle involving CBN. This should be the lesson that Jagan must have learnt from the latest episode, a lesson that will stand him in good stead.



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