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It's October: Will Pawan plunge into politics?

It's October: Will Pawan plunge into politics?

Power star and Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan announced a couple of months ago that he would give a pause to his film career and take a plunge into active politics from October.

Now, already four days have passed in October and there are no signs of any announcement from Pawan as to when he would enter the active politics and what his action plan is.

He is still busy with his shooting and nobody knows when it would come to an end. Even now, Pawan is confined to issuing statements on social media.

The only development from Jana Sena Party so far in this month is the statement from Pawan Kalyan that his party would contest 175 assembly seats in the Telugu states, which has confused his followers a lot as to whether he meant both AP and Telangana or just AP. There is no clarification from Pawan on this till now.

And, on Wednesday, there was yet another press statement from Jana Sena Party that it is going to organise the last phase of recruitment of content writers, speakers and analysts in Krishna district.

The “Authsahikula Vedika” (Forum for enthusiasts) will be conducted on October 7 and 8 at Vijayawada wherein people who had registered their names would be tested and selected. As many 8,000 enthusiasts have applied for these positions.

May be once this process is completed, Pawan will announce his future course of action.



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