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Is It Due To Past Animosity?

Is It Due To Past Animosity?

TV9 made some rather objectionable comments against T MLAs. So, if the CM of Telangana KCR managed to get the channel blocked through cable operators, some people can understand his anger.

But why is he targeting ABN Andhra Jyothi along with TV9? It is a known fact that both the parties have animosity going back a few years.

There was a time, when ABN head honcho Radha Krishna tried to broker peace between Chandra Babu and KCR in the name of Maha Kutami. It is rumoured that they had siphoned away some money which was meant for KCR.

Also, during the elections, ABN carried many anti stories against KCR. To add salt to the injury, ABN telecast an interview with KCR conducted by Radha Krishna. During the entire show, Radha Krishna addressed KCR as ‘nuvvu’ instead of ‘meeru’.

Now, after KCR became the CM, Radha Krishna cannot expect to have the same ‘friendly’ relations he once had with him, right?