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His Media Budget Was Rs 45 crore

His Media Budget Was Rs 45 crore

The key middleman in the Augusta Westland chopper scam, Christian Michael visited India 180 times between 2005 and 2013. And he had reportedly given a total Rs 45 crore in bribes to various leading media personnel. 

The result was that there was hardly any negative write-up during this period about the deal despite some questions which were beginning to be raised. 

The beneficiaries among the media gave favorable headlines to the deal. Now, the whole investigation will probably reveal a name or two. 

Whether the Modi government would release the names of only those journalists who are opposed to the NDA or whether they go ahead with an impartial bent of mind remains to beseen.

The above information was revealed by a senior editor in an article for a magazine in which he lamented the eroding credibility of the ‘fourth estate’ because of such acts. 

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