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High Alert: NRI-Attacks With Jagan's Body Double

High Alert: NRI-Attacks With Jagan's Body Double

As the elections draw near, attempts are being made to attack the incumbent YCP in an innovative way.

Sleeper cells among NRIs who admire TDP and wish to see Chandrababu Naidu back in power are planning a unique campaign, according to reliable sources.

On this mission, a group of NRIs have come to Hyderabad and worked on this subject, planned everything and went back to the USA to execute. 

It is also reported that a look-alike of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has been brought to the USA from India and is undergoing training to mimic his body language.

The plan is to create videos with this body double to politically tarnish the image of YSJ and some politicians in his party.

Similar to morphed photos, the idea now is to create morphed videos depicting YSJ and other YCP leaders as scamsters.

The attack is also targeting district-level leaders of YCP, according to sources. It's a high alert for everyone not to blindly believe everything they see.

The shooting, video production, and circulation are happening from the USA, so the jurisdiction wouldn't be advantageous for YCP intelligence to track and file cases.

The sleeper cells aim to throw mud on the YCP leaders, and of course, it takes time for them to prove clean.


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